Learned something NEW — It started with France!

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Yes, here I thought I knew all about website Domains. I was wrong!

What I learned was, that it actually matters where you buy your website url (domain name) – IF that url is anything that is not standard.

So with the latest new ‘sexy’ batches of domain extension. Domain extensions are what is placed after the dot in a website url.

So for example: websiterepublic.com is using the ‘com’ extension and the fact that it became harder and harder to find good dot-com domain names for new business’s wanting an online presence was part of the reason the domain name regulators expanded the list of domain extensions.

So now, you can buy a dot-camera for a photographer OR a dot-charity for a non-profit – ie. ‘sexy’ domain extensions.

Now back to what I learned.

I learned that while most of the registrars that will sell you a domain name with one of new type of domain extensions, those same registrar will not accept similar ‘sexy’ domain name extensions from another registrar. Simply because the process to buy and the process to transfer a domain url between registrars are two different ones and registrars might not have implemented both or have permission to do both.

I was working on transferring no less than 21 urls placed at 4 different registrars into a new US-based affordable registrar. When it came time to instigate the transfer of a dot-fr domain, several things happened.

First – suddenly support had to be involved. No system to request the EPP code, had to go through the registrars support staff.

Second – the receiving registrar would not allow the incoming dot-fr, as in it could not be added to the shopping cart to add the obligatory extra year while transferring over. So, on to support of the receiving registrar. Yes, while they would sell a new domain name with a dot-fr extension, they could not receive one.

Holy Moly !!

So, there you have it. Think twice before buying a new ‘sexy’ domain extension. Be sure you have to correct registrar, because you will most likely NOT be able to move it away from that registrar.

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