With 50 coming up — what to do?

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Yes, Super Bowl 50 is in 3 days. Sadly .. 

I forgot about this until yesterday. Now, forgive me .. there is an explanation .. truly 😀

I have not grown up here. I have no recollection of fun filled family Sundays in front of the TV .. OR standing by the 50th yard line watching my friends playing. So, Super Bowl is not part of my make-up. And I think that is unfortunately, as we probably could have come up with a marketing idea for Website Republic, that would tie into Super Bowl.

This is a misstep for a business located in the US.

I am hereby wowing to do better next year. Because even though it does not naturally fall into the remit of Website Development / Management it is never the less a potentially missed opportunity and since it was not consciously done, in my view, makes it a little harder to discard as insignificant. As a business owner and in the field of digital marketing, we should strive to show the way. Hopeful in new and cost effective ways too.

My bad & thank you for your forgiveness.

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