Is a business website needed? — maybe!

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And this is coming from a Website Development business owner!!!

When at a network meeting, for instance @ BRBC’s “Inside the CEO’s Office” series, I am sometimes asked “Why do I NEED a website?”. What I most often reply is this.. “That depends”

And it truly does. It depends on:

  • What kind of business you have?
  • Who your clients / customers / consumers are?
  • What is the purpose of your business website?
  • What are you willing to share on your website?
  • What kind of ROI are you looking for?
  • What resources do you have to allocate to development & maintenance?

So, if your business is a B2C then you need to consider these questions:

  • Products – are they of a social kind? Should they be seen / sold online?
  • Services – will your clients search for your services online or via social media? Will they share their recommendation publicly via social media?

If your business is a B2B then you need to consider these questions:

  • Products – will your customers place orders online? Would you showcase your products with videos?
  • Services – are you services of a kind that can be explained online while maintaining a competitive edge? Would there be a downside to showcasing them? Would your prospects reach out for more info online?

These are just some of the questions we ask during a discovery phase of a new / re-new website project. Call us on 203459-4600 and we can talk more.