Followers — Are they ALL equal?

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Would you like 1.1 million followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? If you had, how much is that worth to you?
Most SEO / Social Media Marketing suppliers probably would say “oh yes” and “invaluable” and then rush to make it happen!

We would recommend a little pause for thought! Why?

Because not all followers are indeed created equal. A very common notion is that big numbers are good. A better notion is that high quality usually provides a higher ROI.

So when looking at a social media strategy for your business, understanding what followers are most likely your kind and what such followers mean to your business is vital – BEFORE you engage external resources or start allocating in-house resources to increase numbers.

This because not followers are indeed equal!

What you want more than high numbers are ENGAGED followers. Consumer advocates. People who are FANS of your business services / products / environment. Such fans will promote your business to their friends and your business gain real new “traffic” because your consumer advocates are highly trusted by their friends.

This is how REAL Social Media Marketing works!

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