Website Pain Point #2 — Easy to Update – not!

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How often is your website content updated? How easy is it for you? A website with stale content gets downgraded by Google!

Yes, Google measures the Freshness of website content and makes it part of their ranking algorithm. Thus it has become more and more vital to have fresh content to achieve / maintain good top of page search placement.
Fresh content is especially important for websites that naturally has a low number of site visits. Nothing wrong with a low number of site visits if they are the right kind that converts to clients / customers / patients.

How do you ensure fresh content – continuously?

by: a) Assign in house staff to be responsible.
b) Outsource to: 1) industry specialists.
2) a webmaster
c) Build a community that contributes.
d) Write it yourself.

If the site is a CMS ( Content Management System ) website it becomes easier to achieve A – B1 – C & D. It also becomes easier to have an approval process that ensures your Brand message is re-inforced.

A CMS website puts you in control!!

Website Republic specializes in WordPress and Joomla websites, both major CMS solutions. Send us an email – now 🙂 to inquire how we can get you a CMS website.

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