Strategies | Planning | Result — Valentine’s is approaching Fast!

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Would your business benefit from a Valentine’s Day Boost? Harnessing the power of calendar events!

The beauty about calendar events are they are predictable. The difficulty lies in deciding what makes sense for your kind of business / what would justify the effort / what would constitute success.

– For some clients – increasing sales of either a core product / service or a speciality time limited item is obviously the thing to do – red roses springs to mind.
– For others – gaining new eyes / awareness of your company is desirable – professional Valentine’s video proposals might be an idea.
– Yet for some – it just doesn’t make sense from a money point of view – undertakers are probably not getting a lot of traction for a Valentine’s related outreach. BUT – is there a time when the investment is wholly unprofitable and in effect kind of wasted?

Well… possibly..

However, that deserves a longer answer than I have time for here. I will come back to that another day.

So, I leave you with this. The correct answer is: “it needs to be considered individually for your type of business and your specific marketplace”. Sometimes going against the stream will gain the highest ROI. Testing & tracking will provide you decision data.

The important part is when your decision about what to do for an upcoming special date / period is taken – so to make sure time for successful planning / execution is to be had. If this involves digital marketing, please remember that your trusted web developer / digital marketer also need time to plan deployment of their resources. Especially when this concerns a popular calendar event.

Happy Upcoming Valentine’s <3