Content Management System — What Does it Mean?

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A website that is a CMS (Content Management System) website is a website that will show new content without the content provider needing to know HTML, Java, etc. uhh…

Yes, we web developers have a language all of our own. Just as lawyers and most other professions do. It is just that ours – in this time of Internet of Things – have seeped into the everyday language.

So a CMS website might be known by it’s product name that was used to create it, such as WordPRess / Drupal / WooCommerce / Joomla etc. But what CMS truly means is that is has a database that stores it’s content and most often it has a nice backend interface that allows content providers to enter content for the site in a manner similar to Word directly into the database. The database stores the info and allows the website content to be pulled from that database and presented as HTML on a website.

So just as you would pull information from a book / map in a library 50 yrs ago manually a CMS website pulls content from a database today.

The beauty about a CMS site is that any changes to the content will show instantly as soon as it has been published. The bargain made for this instant access / update is that some formatting / functionality rules has to be in place for the site to function.

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