The power of Search–The Internet Never Forgets!

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Connected with a former client today. Well, to be precise, she searched and found us! Then she send a message via the contact form on straight into our in-box.

We created 4 sites for this client, back in 2007-9! Yep, a year after she moved to Oregon. In those days, it seemed too far away to maintain a productive business relationship. Today, it would not be an issue – with various tools such as screen-sharing tools / online meeting apps – and how did she find us again after having mislaid our contact info?

Yes – the power of the internet search!

And not only did she manage to check out our new website, she also found information about what had happened with the family since then. So, this is a powerful reminder that the Internet is vast and effective if a search is specific enough.

Let us help you connect with your old business relations – call 203-459-4600 to discuss & discover. Happy Friday 🙂

Note: The image above is of a non-responsive, non-cms, and not-for-profit site we made for this client back in 2008. Look at that BRANDING!!