The heart of your website? — What is it?

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Who is holding the heart of your website? What and where is?


Websites have hearts – well, “personalities”. Some sites are purely informational such as a library, others are like a billboard, others are similar to big malls or a cinema, even theaters and others again are like an overfilled New York City news paper stand – the closer you look the more there is to see / explore / purchase. Whether you yourself or a large team is responsible for the upkeep of a website, the person with an enduring interest in the content / use / wellbeing of the site is in truth holding the heart of the website.

As a would-be website heart holder you would do well in following these principles:

  • Keep site content to the visual branding guidelines.
  • Update the site regularly, at a pace suitable for you and newness of content. Try to keep to a steady pace so your website visitors knows when to expect new content.
  • Check if the site operates as needed regularly. For instance, is a contact form’s email received in a timely manner.

Lastly: be self-assured but not cocky. The internet has a very long memory.