Bobby Harden — New Yorks Soul Man

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portfolio-detail_bobby-harden_homeNEW YORK’s SOUL MAN – He is Bobby Harden. Bobby was in need of a new website and a new image. His old site was not kept up to date with his busy performance schedule and with his second CD soon to hit the online stores, Bobby contacted WR and asked for help.

We created a website that Bobby’s production company can update where ever he is with his latest schedule, his tweets and his music. We also made it possible for Bobby to blog from Siberia or the green room at ABC’s 30 Rock – as long as he has his smartphone, Bobby can let his growing fanbase know what he is up to.

We also gave Bobby a consistent visual identity, the vocal identity he already has. He will be known as B for Bobby and we will help him get to the top a little easier because we will know to look for a white B on a red square.


Bobby should be experienced live, so we made it easy for people to get to the places where he performs. The Google map is interactive and will launch driving directions immediately. However, if not able to go his fans or concert bookers now have the opportunity to listen to his music or performances via his music or video pages.


And everybody can sign up for his newsletter – just check out the footer with his newsletter, his tweets, comments to his blog OR his news – it is all right there!