BRBC–Bridgeport Regional Business Council

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GREATER BRIDGEPORT REGION’s CHAMBER of COMMERCE – Known locally as BRBC. BRBC is a member organization of 800+ that needed to update and enhance their existing website without loosing member and event management ability. BRBC’s Request for Proposal was very specific and detailed – WR responded and won the contract.

We designed a very easy to maintain and update website – which, at the same time, is VERY good at fitting to mobile devices.

The website is actually so usage friendly that the usual big “hero” homepage slider is flexible enough to fit the browser width used and disappear if needed. Check out below that the navigation menu stays available when scrolling down.



And this happens to the menu and big homepage slider when shown in smaller browser windows. Each blue arrow indicates the site width.


This is how the same website homepage works on an iPhone.

mobile-photo-01 mobile-photo-02 mobile-photo-03

A business service organization as BRBC needs to be able to:

  1. promote events
  2. promote members and
  3. promote local business interaction

and the new’s sliders are used to engage and support these objectives.