Website Pain Point #1 — Mobile Issues

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Many websites – even today – does NOT work well on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets.

No oneshould have to maintain more than one content source for their website anymore. Users will most likely view websites on both desktops and mobile devices – and switch between them frequently.

First, keeping 2 or more content sources for a desktop and a mobile website is double work for the same rate of return.

Second, website users expects access to full website content on their mobile device. Keeping different sources for a website as per type of viewing device can introduce disparity and actually cause confusion / concern with users to which content trustworthiness has become an indication of professionalism in a business and may eventually cause lack of trust in the business with such a website.

Third, the current end of year prediction for 2014 is that 33% of US Online Sales will be conducted from a mobile device.

Get a RESPONSIVE website – it will adapt and work well on any device. At Website Republic we excel in “responsive” – website and otherwise!

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