Website Wednesday — Communication Service Site

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Continuing our review series of other people’s websites – because, although we love our website solutions, we also L O V E –¬†L O V E to see all good site design.

Today, we analyze a world renowned communication service – Skype.

Why? – well, the Skype site is a beauty in it’s simplicity and excellent in it’s direct ‘customer’ ¬†communication.

First, the homepage is modern, very visual and so easy to navigate – using either a very simple and pared down logical menu OR clicking on capturing images to get inside the website for further info.

Second, the site plays extremely well with icon and color coding. Everything free is colored blue – in sync with the iconic Skype brand mark AND everything else that is part of their premium offering is colored purple.

Skype-site-color-coding Skype-site-color-coding-icons

And .. this is reinforced throughout the site.

Skype-site-icons Skype-responsive-site

Third, the site design and layout works very well on mobile and as a responsive design, it will encourage users to download the software or app .. thus increasing the user base, which is what this business is all about.

A solid 5 .. no Dark here!

Fun fact: The name “Skype” came out of Sky Peer to Peer, which was the inventive technology platform for Skype.