Looking at iPad3 from iPad — The future of Touchscreens

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So, the iPad 3 is out.

I am sitting here looking at Apple’s announcement email on my iPad – yes, the original iPad without a camera or a retina display.

And I am once again reminded that I foretold my husband that our girls would not get an laptop – ever! They were in preschool & kindergarten and today both are so comfortable with the iPad’s way of working, that having to learn about click here to start this or resizing this window by pulling this corner while holding down this mouse key – well, why learn that in the first place.

The numbers bear me out – laptop sales has dropped dramatically (some have mentioned 50%) and Apple sold almost 12 mill iPad’s in Q4 of 2011.

Imagine what an iPad with a reliable Siri can do? Also desktop computer sales will be “siriusly” affected. Watch this space!