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Website Wednesday — Communication Service Site

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Continuing our review series of other people’s websites – because, although we love our website solutions, we also L O V E – L O V E to see all good site design. Today, we analyze a world renowned communication service – Skype. Why? – well, the Skype site is a beauty in it’s simplicity and…

Website Wednesday — Chamber of Commerce Site

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Here @ Website Republic, we look at websites all day, every day! And ever so often we come across other peoples websites we like to examine closer. Today, we focus on a chamber of commerce site we think has been done especially well. Chamber of Commerce sites faces several challenges. They need to be easy…

Website Wednesday — Multi-media | Visual | Cause | Social

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Update: If this site was reviewed today, we would have to give it 4.5 hearts because it is not Mobile First .. we  still love it lots though! —– Visual, Multi-media, Social and Cause – All in a SUPER IMPRESSIVE presentation. We are reviewing other peoples sites:  today, it’s NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s site about The Serengeti…