Brand Identity Visual Storytelling Services

brand-strategy-servicesAny good online and offline presence reflects a company’s image. In fact your chosen visual branding may be the only impression a potential customer will see of your company. You need to take charge of your company image to convert that prospect to a client!

Your Digital Company Image

At Website Republic we want our citizen’s websites and extended online presence to radiate a company’s soul. So to truly represent not only what the company is but also what it can and will be.

Website Republic (WR) works with you to create the online profile that is right for your company. We offer a corporate image package incorporating graphic design, text authoring, email campaign and social media all anchored by a new company website.

Our WR website will enhance and extend every aspect of your corporate brand, giving your company a profile out of the ordinary. Soaring to icon status and prominence just the 3-pointed star of Mercedes is known through out the world and stands for excellence / luxury / quality.

At WR we favor a collaborative process when creating a company’s brand identity.

  • we meet all clients in person if at all possible
  • we offer a contract outlining all present and future steps
  • we evaluate company feel and style
  • we present profile options
  • we encourage client feedback
  • we guide and advice
  • we find a workable solution

Your Physical Company Image

One of the little known tidbits about digital and physical colors are – often so very important when designing a new brand image / multi-media promotion – not the same!

At WR we take pain to make sure we advise on options and where deviations are acceptable. We have both digital and physical graphic designers on staff, so we make sure we do not abandon our citizens with just half a solution – digital or physical.

We want your company’s iconic image to be “standing” for many years to come, with hopefully just a new layers of “new paint” ever so often for renewal.

Branding Case Stories

Below a select list of WR Branding Case Stories for your viewing pleasure:

  • A.J. Wall Jr Memorial Foundation, an annual golf tournament in the memory of a beloved father.
  • Cloud9-IT, started out life as …
  • EvenlyMe, an ongoing project for selling mastectomy products.
  • Liz Ikle, searched for a direction and found it.
  • LoomART, so modern that it is still artful.
  • Netology LLC, an IT services company in need of a modern, efficient & forward leaning look.
  • TBI Computer, an Apple retailer without an apple.
  • UConn, the biggest annual alumni event.