Our Process Simple Steps


Discover + Design + Develop = Deliver

Discussion leads to discovery

Discovery of:

  • Content for the site – today and more importantly tomorrow.
  • What is the message or purpose of the site.
  • Who are the site users – both internally and externally.
  • Technology preferences – if any. 25% of ALL websites are powered by WordPress. This site is made with WordPress. We specialize in WordPress and Joomla – a big brother to WordPress.

User Experience leads to design

Design of:

  • How the site should operate to provide an optimum experience for it’s visitors, i.e. your clients / customers / consumers or constituents.
  • How the site should look.
  • Mock-ups to illustrate the final site and how it interacts with users and visitors.

Building leads to development

Development of:

  • Complete site content.
  • Site on development server – for adding content and reviewing user experience.
  • Site optimization to ensure mobile first has been achieved.
  • Testing user experience.

Launching leads to delivery

Delivery of:

  • Production server hosting.
  • Production site.
  • Training of site content managers / owners.
  • Marketing of the site and its content.
  • Ongoing site maintenance.