Spooky Tricks

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Happy Halloween!

It is unfortunately a fact of digital life in 2016, that your website will be hacked or at least attempted to be infiltrated. This can be through a phishing attempt or by leaving a comment with a virus link or simply by excessive “traffic”. These tactics are no longer spooky tricks. They are big business – both in terms of $$ and people involved.

So, how can you secure your website without loosing an arm and a leg?

Well – some simple rules for yourself and your staff can reduce the risk significantly:

  1. Emails. Never, never click on a link in an email. Especially in unsolicited emails, you can be fairly certain it is likely to be trap.
  2. For the above purpose, alway open a new browser window and type the actual link URL in manually.
  3. Stay up to date with your website software. Sometimes there are updates several time a week. To manage this you might want to consider a management arrangement with your website professional.

While you cannot predict if your website would be targeted, at least you ensure you have systems in place to make it as hard as possible to hack or infiltrate.

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