Watch Factory Restaurant

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OUTSTANDING CUISINE – WATCH FACTORY RESTAURANT. Located in the historic Watch Factory complex in downtown Cheshire The Watch Factory Restaurant’s Chef Markus is serving up authentic Austrian Country Cuisine every Tuesday to Sunday.

This restaurant website is first and foremost fitted to mobile devices, as todays’s restaurant patrons research restaurants online while on the go. The website is easy to update and maintain. The food photos were taken in the kitchen pantry seconds prior to being presented to restaurant patrons. In terms of photo assignments, this was probably the most challenging we have had so far – just the fact that our photographer and stylist had to constantly be smelling so much goodness without being able to sample – was so so tough 😀

This is just the second website we completed for The Watch Factory Restaurant, a WR client since 2008, proving the sustaining endurance of the first HTML site (below) we built back in 2008.

portfolio_watch-factory-restaurantWe kept the tone and photos from the original site giving the extensive menu pride of place, while fleshing out the Food Critics and Patron Testimonials sections with up to date feedback.

The new site’s homepage showcases actual Watch Factory Restaurant dishes but also alludes to the unique country cuisine feel in the restaurant, using a blackboard background for the restaurant name, phone and opening hours, next to the site menu (as above).

The homepage also features un-obscured photos of dishes from the food menu, with a description and individual costs.

Because the homepage is tailored specifically to work well on a mobile smart phone, it is quite long – because site visitors easily scrolls down with a few swipes – and this potentially causes a problem when the site is checked out on a computer screen and does NOT have a floating menu option. No issue here though – see the green double arrow in the right bottom corner? Click that and the site auto-scrolls back up to the top of the page. Elegant and unobtrusive.