Email Phishing — Beware!

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Ever so often I receive emails that inform me that I have – HAVE TO – do something that just doesn’t make sense.

Check the email above. It purport to come from a legitimate source – Yahoo. So, how do I know it does not come from yahoo?

  • Look at the actual email address in the header. is NOT
  • The logo is the OLD Yahoo logo. Compare with the right one top left corner.
  • The last sentence “You are required to update through the link below”. screams phishing / virus. Any legit message from your email provider would ask you to log into your account and update from there.
  • When seeing the email in your inbox – before clicking it – Yahoo have taken to place a purple Y in the left most column of the row.
  • Last and most obscure is the general language and reasoning for why you should click their offered button. Basically, it does not make sense from a technical point of view. Now, many non-techie users would glaze over that language but as a somewhat techie user told me years ago “If I don’t understand what is being said, I will research it”. That is my recommendation: Don’t click on ANYTHING without a basic LONG-FORM search on Google.

This is the search on Google:

One could say this is a perfect Throw Back Thursday post – using an old Yahoo logo and apparently an old scam trick too. 🙂