The importance of Maintenance — Epic Fail?

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We had to take a client’s site off line yesterday. Not a happy thing to do.


Not happy because it was sudden, it was not planned out and worse of all – important data out of immediate reach. How did it come to this?

Lack of maintenance!

This client had decided not to keep the site maintained and updated. Against our strong recommendation needless to say. The site was last touched in 2011. So over the course of 4yrs the technology to keep the site operational had moved on and become deprecated.

The bargain we enter into when choosing easy to use CMS (content management system) websites is that more complicated technology is needed thus creating the need for ongoing maintenance. Think about it! How old is your current smartphone? The technology in a CMS website, though not quite as complicated, also needs to be kept up. Thus we strongly recommend ongoing maintenance for all our WordPress and Joomla websites. We have levels going from 1hr per month to check for operational health to 8hrs per month for backup and content / technology updates.

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