When is the BEST time to renew your Website?–Always!

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That is a good question. However this is a better question: “How do I keep my website fresh?”


Because your website in today’s instant world is your:

  • Store Window
  • Communication Tool
  • Identity

So, keeping your website fresh – monthly / weekly / bi daily / daily / twice daily / hourly – pick your own level – is important because we all consume information at a ferocious speed these days. How many of your clients / consumers / customers are online today 50% of their time awake? The ownership of smart phones has meant we are all hyper connected and your site receives existing or new visitors almost 24×7 – – meaning your potential for connecting to your prospects should be MOBILE and available 24×7.

Hence, we have updated WebsiteRepublic.com to showcase our own teachings. Happy 2016. 😀