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Here @ Website Republic, we look at websites all day, every day! And ever so often we come across other peoples websites we like to examine closer.

Today, we focus on a chamber of commerce site we think has been done especially well. Chamber of Commerce sites faces several challenges.

  1. They need to be easy to maintain – there are a lot of activity info that needs to be said.
  2. They need to be easy to navigate for member and non-members – business people always have too little time so presenting easy information is vital.
  3. They should be working on all platforms – a 24hr news cycle / social media means people will check it from computers and mobile devices.
  4. They should convey a strong branding – the visual identity needs to be consist, business like and create easy recognition.

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber is a prime example of such a well executed website and branding. Kudos and [xyz-ihs snippet=”5-black-stars”]


  • Clear color scheme – blue conveys business and trust.
  • Great logo – modern, emphasizes this is a Chamber of Commerce.
  • Social Media icons fits branding.
  • Events up front and center – one click/tab and all event details are there
oklahoma-mid-width oklahoma-narrow-menu
  • Clear site design supports the need to reconfigure the site on the fly for mobile devices with easy thumb/tab navigation – totally responsive. Great.
oklahoma-about oklahoma-linkedin oklahoma-facebook
  • Site support various ways of user navigation – top menu, on page section menu and search.
  • Has limited slider image max width to control page load time.
  • Site has supporting social media sites featuring the overall branding.

Again – overall KUDOS for a job well done.

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