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Update: If this site was reviewed today, we would have to give it 4.5 hearts because it is not Mobile First .. we  still love it lots though!


Visual, Multi-media, Social and Cause – All in a SUPER IMPRESSIVE presentation. We are reviewing other peoples sites:  today, it’s NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’s site about The Serengeti Lion.

Why? – well, even though this site is not reviewable on a smart phone, it does stretch to a large computer screen and scrunch to an tablet size as well, so with that said .. we are impressed!

First, the site is very modern, very visual and so simple that what matters stands out .. totally.

The site starts quickly with a simple but effective title animation, anchored by the wonderful simple NG logo and ending in one enticing button that screams click. You have to engage / explore / enjoy ..


Second, the site mixes video, audio and still photography in a very compelling manner, totally seemless. Once on the site – here is the url – you find there is a cool minimal menu, that hugs the bottom of the browser window, allowing site navigation with direct abandon as well as to slowly scroll all the large screen images that may reveal a slideshow of great photos or a surprising video with sounds of The Serengeti – all subtly hinted at with a button with a single enticing word.


ww-national-geographic-index-menuThird, the branding is consistent and strictly enforced without seeming restrictive. The various page layouts laser in on what each page’s focus is without feeling sparse – enabled mostly by the intimate imagery. However, no text is difficult to read and text links stands out.



ww-national-geographic-create-accountWant to see and listen for yourself – click this link to National Geographic’s site or join the cause of saving these majestic animals.

A massive 5  to National Geographic for this effort to engage us to help protect the King Of All Animals!

Fun fact: Lions are only the second largest feline animal in the world .. Tigers are larger.