What is Branding? — It is Story Telling!

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I was asked by an old friend today – “Branding – exactly what does that mean?”

Well, my answer is this:

Think about watching your favorite football team and they have no logo, no team colors, no mascot – maybe not even a name .. they are just the “team“.

Branding such a team would give you that warm feeling that you recognize them, that makes it easy for you to tell other people which team you support and you can start feeling part of the tribe that likes watching / supporting that team.

Being a part of a tribe is what it is all about these days and branding makes that happen at lot easier.

Off course, branding comes in many variations, but EFFECTIVE branding is about creating that “packaging” that will allow your Clients / Customers / Fans / Friends to instantly know, that this “thing” they are watching / tasting / seeing / feeling / experiencing … is coming from your company.

And NOW they can start relating to it and remember how good it made them feel. Do not undervalue branding!